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Things to Say in Graduation Cards

Things to Say in Graduation Cards

Although there's no definite etiquette regarding things to say in a graduation card,
there are a couple of things that you should include. Since graduations are monumental
achievements and often signify the beginning of new life paths, it's important to
address a graduate's accomplishments and your faith in their future.
Make It Personal
What you write in a graduation card will vary according to the type of
graduation the person had. For example, you would say different things in a card for a
high school graduate as opposed to someone who graduated from college or another higher
learning program. Your relationship with the graduate will also play a role in the
card's contents. Whatever your relationship and wherever they graduated from, it's
important to say something personal. This can include memories you've shared, details
about the path that got them to graduation and how proud you are of their
accomplishments. Although graduation cards may already cite something similar, it's
worth taking a little extra time to ensure that the card is personalized for the
Looking Towards the Future
Additionally, it's a good idea to say some words about the graduate's upcoming
endeavors. Perhaps they are continuing with their education or entering the work force
for the first time; no matter the case, you should let them know the confidence you
have for their future. Graduations are usually symbolic of closing one door and opening
another. Along those lines, share your well wishes, support and enthusiasm for their
next chapter. It's also worth conveying that you're excited to have been a part of
their life and will continue to lend your support for all of the things they do.
Quotes & Poems
If the graduate is going into a certain professional area (nursing, teaching)
or has a favorite author or famous person they admire, you can include a matching quote
or poem tailored to their area of interest. Many websites and databases include a range
of quotes that are broken into categories, such as subject and author. Since
graduations are such milestones, many people hold onto graduation cards and look back
to them for a source of inspiration. Including a quote or poem that means something
adds a special touch and can serve as the perfect conclusion for what you've written.

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